Safe Pioneer


AKAC Inc. offers long term, high level icebreaker, ice going vessel and offshore marine systems development and marine operational experience in ice covered waters. The company has an outstanding track record of practical hands on research and development, conceptual development, design, operational planning and monitoring, operational and risk analysis and mathematical modeling work. These, combined with AKAC’s extensive knowledge of ice conditions and ice properties, offer valuable input to any offshore marine ice application.

AKAC has been a leader in pioneering ice offshore operations in many ice-covered regions around the world, including the high Arctic, since 1984. AKAC’s specialty lies in the development of icebreakers and ice management techniques for floating arctic offshore platforms.

AKAC has been in charge of ice management and ice risk management for several pioneering operations, including Sakhalin 2 – Phase 1 and the Arctic Coring Expedition in the Central Polar Pack. These unique experiences place AKAC at the forefront for the development of new pioneering operations in pack ice.

AKAC has developed several mathematical models encompassing a wide range of applications including icebreaker performance evaluations, fleet selection, ice management performance, transit studies and many others.